Noob and stuff...

Hello everyone! I'm an artist in training And I play Video Games on my 3DS.


"You’re as good as mine, My Love!" 

A sinful seductress with flames in her heart, The Succubus! If she hasn’t already burned you to ashes with fire magic, odd are you’re about to meet the business end of her signature weapon, a spear known as The Gracious Lady”. 

She also has other talents that can leave any opponent feeling extremely uncomfortable! 


I’m quite pleased with how this came out 

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Aww i lost a follower… don’t know why they took that long, but okay :/

EDIT: wait, I gain another one to take their place. :D

I hear someone that today was Bottomless Friday/No Pants Friday, So I made this picture of Dizzy, who never wears pants…. so this is a everyday thing for him…

Here’s another Appreciation drawing I made. This time I made Dizzy look like cokesoap's icon! I tried to put a lot of emphasis on the dreads (cuz I have nothing else to with).

Hope you guys like it!

omg I love the picture you made. I am literally in a ball of emotion thank you so much
kid3artist kid3artist Said:

I’m glad you like the drawing! I plan on doing more in the future/

I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded any of my art lately. I just can never find anything to draw ‘cept Dizzy.

So I decided to make these drawing of Dizzy dressing up some of my favorite people I follow on tumblr based (poorly) on their icon. These are basically Appreciation drawings for them.

I made this one off of sixpathsofdick's icon, which I may redo seeing all the messed up details I made

I hope you like it despite that.



Little Voices

Who are you fave characters they’ve done?



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